If you are new to Arizona Place Names you may want to take a moment to read the About Page to get an idea of what this blog is about and what I am trying to accomplish. Thanks, Peggy


Hello and Welcome.  This blog is a place to gather and share information about the place names and places of Arizona both past and present.

I owe my interest in the place names of Arizona to Will C. Barnes and Byrd H. Granger whose Arizona place name books have been among my favorites.   Having a great interest in Arizona history, I have never tired of reading these books and comparing the entries between the two.

As great as these books are, they always left me with unanswered questions and a desire for more information about these places.   With books you have limitations as to how much you can include, with the internet their is no space limitations

As a starting point for the place name entries I am using the works of Barnes.  I will then go through and add information from Granger.  Both of these works I understand to be in the public domain.  I hope to add any additional information from research, as well as photos, books, maps and links relating to the place entry.   This will be a slow process and I invite those interested to join me.  Feel free to add comments as I have set it up so anyone can.  I will keep it this way to make commenting easier unless I start to get a lot of spam.

On a final note:  I also own the domain which I eventually would like to set up as a website in a more organized manner.  For now you can either browse the archives, search by categories or use the place name index (not always current).

Hope you find learning about the place names of Arizona as fascinating as I do.


Update 1/16/11

My father passed away a few months ago and I took a break from adding more info.  It is my plan to get back to adding more entries.   Since I had been entering them alphabetically and doing it on a daily basis, the date served as a way to keep them in order.  I have been backdating from where I left off.   Entries for 10/9 - 11/11/11 were entered on 1/16/11.  Hope to add more entries so that I can get back to being current and then one or two a day again.