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Lake Carleton, AZ

Carleton, Lake

Coconino Co.

Map, Military Division, New Mexico, 1864;
GLO Map, 1866

About 20 miles southeast of Bill Williams mountain.  There is no lake in this vicinity except the well known Mormon lake which must be the one referred to as Carleton.  There is no record of this lake anywhere else.  Gen. Carleton who commanded U. S. troops in New Mexico, 1862, was probably never in this immediate region although he was in Tucson with the California Volunteers May 2, 1862.  Parts of his command, however, were all over northern Arizona and could have named the lake for him.

An old "Military Map of New Mexico" of 1864 in Historical Society files at Tucson shows a "camp on Lake Carleton" at this exact spot i.e. Mormon Lake.  Such a camp is not listed in any known register of military camps of those days.

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