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Capitals of Arizona

Capitals of Arizona

The capital of Arizona has been moved several times.  The bill creating the Territory in Feb., 1863, named Tucson as the capital.  When finally passed the name had been eliminated and no location made.  The Goodwin party reached what was first known as Fort Whipple, later Camp Clark, still later Postle's Ranch, in the Little Chino valley in Jan., 1864, and the first capital was undoubtedly established there.

About April 1, 1864, it was moved to Prescott.  Oct. 24, 1864, the First Territorial Legislature undertook to remove the capital from Prescott to Walnut Grove in Yavapai county.  Bill however failed to pass.  By Act of the Fourth Legislature Nov. 1, 1867, it was moved to Tucson.  Prescott again became the capital in January, 1877, but a bill was passed on Jan. 28, 1889, to move it to Phoenix.  The Legislature adjourned on Jan. 29, to meet at Phoenix Feb. 7, 1889.

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