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Canyon De Chelly, AZ

Canyon De Chelly

Apache Co.

Small creek rising in Tunicha mountains almost exactly on Arizona-New Mexico boundary line.  Navajo word "Tschegi" or "de, sche-ay-e,"  "among the cliffs,"  "ghosts or evil spirits." Hodge.  Not in any dictionary but so interpreted by Indians.  Most of the year this is a dry wash.  Heads at Sonsella buttes near State line.  Flows northwest, joins Canyon del Muerto in t. 5 N., R. 9 W., to form Chinle creek.

"The orthography of Canyon de Chelly (pronounced "de Shay") was obtained from Senor Donaciano Vigil, Secretary of the Province of New Spain, who states that it is a word of Indian origin, probably a corruption by the Spanish of the Navajo term or word, "Tse-yi': the Rock canyon."  Gregory.

Kit Carson's command had a fight here with Navajos in Jan.

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