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Canoa Land Grant, Az

Canoa Land Grant

Santa Cruz Co.

GLO Map, 1879.

In Santa Cruz valley, above Calabasas.  "In the presidio of Tubac, granted in 1821 to Tomas and Ygnacio Ortez.  Confirmed by Mexican government 1849, and again by U. S. Surveyor General, 1880.  Title vested in Maish & Driscoll of Tucson, for 17,208 acres of the 47,000 acres claimed."  Spanish name was "San Ignacio de la Canoa."

  "Name canoa, means in Spanish a canoe, in some instances, in others a water trough.  Old timers say there was here at one time an old watering trough hewn from a huge cottonwood tree, which gave the ranch the name."

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