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Canelo, AZ

Canelo (sic)

Santa Cruz Co.

GLO Map, 1921
USGS, 1923

In T. 21 S., R. 18 E.  "Canelo," Sp., "cinnamon."  South of Babocomari grant.  When this small range was in Mexico, prior to the Gadsden purchase, they were known as the  'Canela hills' because from the south they have a light brown color, similar to the spice named.  "I moved here in 1904 and asked for a P.O. to be called 'Canille.'  This spelling was mine, there being no known spelling of the name and none of few settlers knew how, or why, these hills were so spelled.  Name was approved and P.O. established.  Later the Forest Service set aside a Ranger Station site here, as Canela."  Letter, Robert A. Rogers, ex-Forest Ranger.  Canela was later changed, officially to Canelo.  Either is correct Spanish for this name.  P.O. established as Canille Aug. 22, 1904, Robert A. Rodgers, P.M.  Canelo, decision U.S.G.B., 1903.

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