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Callville, Az
Callville, NV


Pah-Ute Co., Arizona
Clark County, Nevada

Smith Map, 1879

Directly east of Las Vegas, Nev.  Established Dec. 17, 1864, by Anson Call of the Mormon church.  On Colorado river at head of navigation.  Hinton says it was 402 miles from Yuma and 16 miles west of Virgin river.  Also known as Call's Landing.  On west side of river in what is now Nevada, then called Arizona.  That part of Arizona was annexed to Nevada, 1867.  Before this annexation a P.O. was established Jan. 25, 1867, Henry F. Dibble, P.M.

An early effort of the Mormon church to establish itself in northern Arizona.  Call came, "as an agent in trust of the Church."  Church authorities planned to bring their immigrants into the country via steamer up the Gulf of California and the Colorado river; Callville being presumed to be the head of navigation.

There was much jealousy between the Mormon settlers and Mr. Hardy who had established a ferry not far from Call's place.  Call started a town which did not prosper.  The Desert News of June, 1869, tells of its abandonment.

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