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Fort Buchanan, AZ

Fort Buchanan

Santa Cruz Co.

Pumpelly Map, 1860;
GLO, 1921

On Sonoita river, near present Patagonia.  Named for President Buchanan, 1856.  Pumpelly visited this fort in 1860 and writes:  "Continuing our journey we reached Fort Buchanan.   A few adobe houses scattered over considerable area and without even a stockade around it.  It was some 22 miles northeast of Tubac on the Sonoita."

Heitman's Register says it was first called Camp Moore.  Heitman records a fight in that vicinity between Apache Indians and Co. D, 1st Dragoons, Aug. 26, 1860.  Post abandoned by U. S. troops July 23, 1861, due to the Civil War and the approach of a body of Confederates.  The Confederates destroyed the post soon after this date.  The Califonia Column reoccupied it but abandoned it shortly.  In 1865 six men were stationed here.

"Buchannan was abandoned and then rebuilt in 1868 and renamed Fort Crittenden in honor of Gen. Thomas L. Crittenden of Kentucky.  It was on the Sonoita."  Cady.  Cady was a soldier in this post and afterwards lived near it for many years.

Farish says:  "In the autumn of 1857 a detachment of the First Dragoons arrived in the Santa Cruz valley and established Fort Buchannan.  The officers were Col. Blake, Major Stein (sic), and Capt. Ewell."

Its abandonment in 1861 is probably what Poston meant when he wrote:

"Old Fort Buchanan of rueful name
Forever linked to nation's shame."

May, 1929, the State Highway Commissions erected a sign on the site of this post which reads:  "Near this place, Camp Moore was first established in November, 1858, by Major Enoch Steen, 1st U. S. Dragoons, with companies B, C, D, and K of that regiment.  It was then in the territory of New Mexico.  Name changed to Ft. Buchanan in honor of President Buchannan, in May, 1852.  It was destroyed by U.S. forces July 23, 1963."

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