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Brucknow Mine and Ranch, AZ

Brucknow Mine and Ranch

Cochise Co.

Shows on Hinton's  map, 1886, as Bronkow.  On Smith's map, 1879, as Broncho.  About 3 or 4 miles east of Charleston.  Undoubtedly meant for Brucknow.

"The old Brucknow house a mile east of the San Pedro river was built in 1858 by Frederick Brucknow, graduate University of Westphalia, scholar and scientist, who, exiled from Germany, drifted into these solitudes.  He began to dig a mine near his place when an Indian arrow toppled him over.  It was at this spot that Schieffelin made his famous remark about "finding his tombstone.'"  Burns.  Not mapped by this name.

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