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Fort Breckenridge, AZ

Breckenridge, Fort

Pinal Co. 

Smith Map, 1877, 1879.

Just below junction Aravaipa and San Pedro rivers.  Garrisoned in 1856.  Later called Camp Grant.    Abandoned Oct. 1866 by General Orders 39, Dept. Calif.  "Fort Breckenridge was located at junction of San Pedro and Nevissa rivers but abandoned shortly because of its unhealthfulness."  McFarland, History of Arizona.  On page 208, however, he writes: "In July, 1861, the only federal troops in the territory abandoned Fort Breckenridge and Buchanan.  The two forts were later reduced to ashes."

McClintock says:  "It was re-established by Lieut. Col. E. E. Eyre in 1862 and re-christened Camp Sanford in honor of the governor of California.  There was much malaria caused by drinking stagnant water from the river where there many lagoons from a succession of beaver dams.  The camp was moved to Fort Grant, 1873."

"This post was first called Aravaipa and established May 8, 1860.  So named for the then Vice President of the United States."  Heitman's List.

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