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Fort Bowie, Az

Bowie, Fort

Cochise Co.

Map, Coronado N. F., 1931.

In T. 15 S., R. 28 E.  Fort Bowie, or Camp Bowie, located in Apache pass, north end Chiricahua mountains.  One of the earliest military posts in Arizona.  Located about 14 miles southeast of Bowie R. R. station.  Named for Col. George W. Bowie, Fifth California Infantry Volunteers.  Many Indian fights took place here and it was one of the most dangerous and dreaded parts of the stage road.  When the railroad was built in 1881 it lost its importance.

"Fort Bowie with its grewsome (sic)  graveyard filled with such inscriptions as 'Killed by Apaches'; and again 'Tortured to death by Apaches.'  One visit to that graveyard was guaranteed to furnish the most callous with nightmares for a month."  Bourke.

In 1872 Gen. Crook placed the Chiricahua-Apaches on a reservation west of the fort, where they remained until 1876, when John P. Clum moved them to San Carlos.

See McClintock's History of Arizona for full history of this post.  Heitman's List say it was established July 28, 1862.

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