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Bolas de Plata

 Bolas de Plata

Sp. "Balls of Silver."  Fabulous stories were told in the early part of 1700's concerning values of mines in Arizona and northern Sonora.  Hinton quotes Henry Howe to the effect that he, Howe, had seen a copy of a "royal decree of Philip the Fifth, dated May 28, 1741, which speaks of certain 'Bolas: planchas y otras pieza de plata,' (balls, plates and other pieces of silver) weighing in all about 4,000 pounds.  It mentions one particular mass of pure silver weighing 2,700 pounds."

Other writers also mention such valuable finds.  Still others have written  of like deposits which they have called "Planchas de Plata" (silver plates).  There is considerable doubt as to the alleged values.  Those early Spaniards were prone to write overly enthusiastic accounts of their discoveries in this new land.

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