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Blanchard Crossing, AZ

Blanchard Crossing

Navajo Co.

Smith Map, 1879; Eckhoff, 1880.

Rock crossing on Little Colorado, river, 8 miles east of Winslow.  Blanchard was one of the firm of Breed and Blanchard who had a store here 1878 to 1883.  Was Santa Fe Star route stage station.  The route crossed the river here going southwest through Chavez Pass.  Blanchard and a man name Joe Barrett were found dead in the store in December, 1881.  A posse followed the trail of the murderers, capturing two men, one known as "Thick lipped Joe," Joe Waters, the other William Campbell.  At St. Johns they were taken from jail and hanged by "unknown parties. "  This place also known as Sunset Crossing because the "Star Mail" route to Prescott crossed the river here going west through Sunset pass.  See Sunset, also Breed Crossing.

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