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Black Range, AZ

Black Range

Mohave Co.

USGS Map, 1923

Often called Black mountains.  An extension to the south of Black Canyon range from T. 23 N., R. 20 W.  So called by Ives who writes:

"The range east of the Mohave Valley we call the Black Mountains . . . .Where the river breaks through the chain there is doubtless a stupendous canyon."  Ives' Report, 1858.

Coues writes"  "The earliest name for this range I know is the Black Range of Ives' Report.    In my time (1865) it was called the Sacramento Range from the name of the valley to the east.  Garces calls it Sierra de Santiago or St. James Range."

The Sacramento range does not appear on any map.  Mallory, however called the southern end of this range Blue ridge. 

P.O. established as Blue ridge April 20, 1917, Pansy W. Keyes, P. M.  See blue ridge.

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