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Bisbee, AZ


Cochise Co.

Elevation 5,400 feet.  Important copper mining camp in Mule gulch, a narrow canyon of the Mule mountains about 30 miles south of Tombstone.  The Copper Queen and other great copper mines are here.

"The town was started in 1877, after discovery of the mines by Jack Dunn, a local prospector.  It is claimed by some that George Warren was the first discoverer of the mine here.  The camp was named in honor of DeWitt Bisbee, one of the early stockholders and a brother-in-law of the Williams brothers, for many years managers of operations in these mines."  Letter, Wm. A. Greene.  P.O. established Sept. 7, 1880.  Horace C. Stilman, P.M.

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