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Bill Williams Mountain, AZ

Bill Williams Mountain

Coconino Co.

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Elevation 9,264 feet, about 6 miles southeast of Williams on A. T. & S. F. R. R.  According to James, the Havasupai Indians call this Hue-ga-woo-la or Bear mountain.  Named for Bill Williams, famous scout, guide, and hunter, but when or by whom, not established.  Appears on most early maps and mentioned by all early explorers.

October 23, 1852, Capt. Sitgreaves speaks of the Bill Williams river, or fork.  He shows it and the mountain on his map. 

December 28, 1853, Whipple writes:  "Southwest we saw Bill Williams Mountain where the stream of the same name is said to rise."

Coues writes:  "Old Bill Williams was the noted character of unsavory repute with whom Fremont had his disastrous experiences in the San Juan mountains in 1848."

Mike Burns, says the Apache-Mohaves called the mountain "Jock-ha-weha" meaning "covered with cedar."  Farish

Ives camped at the foot of this mountain Apr. 30, 1857, and called it by this name.  Who named it Bill Williams mountain will probably never be known.

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