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Berados Station, AZ

Berados Station

Navajo Co.

Stage station and store at Puerco crossing, 2 miles east of Holbrook.  Farish and McClintock spell it as above.  E. C. Bunch, gives it: "Berrando."  The author's recollection is that the person for whom it was named spelled it "Berado."  On maps of 1873 as Berado.  His full name was Berado Fraiyes, or Fraides, but he only used his given name, Berado.

On Smith map, it is Berado's store; on Eckhoff, Berado's Post Office.

An important point on the old Santa Fe - Prescott Star Mail Route in 1880,  when Fort Apache and the Mormon settlements on Silver creek began to get mail from the east over the A. T. & S. F. R. R.   The old adobe buildings used by Berado were still there in 1882.  See Horsehead Crossing.

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