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Benson, AZ


Cochise Cochise Co.

R. R. Folders

Elevation 3,575 feet.  Town on S.P.R.R. about 48 miles east of Tucson.  In T. 17 S., R. 20 E.  Benson was an important early shipping point for mines to the south.

"Named by the S.  P. R. R. for a peddler who made frequent trips through this place in early days. "  Letter L. D. Redfield, Benson.  There are several stories about this name, none being well authenticated.

"An old list of stage stations, 1880, shows this as Benson City.  William Ohnesorgan owner and keeper of the station, 50 miles east of Tucson."

Capt. Gerald Russell, 3rd., U. S. Calvary, with eighteen men, had a fight with Cochise and one hundred fifty Indians near here in March, 1871.  But for timely arrival of help he and his men would all have been killed.  Azul, famous Apache chief, was killed in this fight.

P.O. established July 26, 1880, John Russ, P.M.

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