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Beauchamp Peak, AZ

Beauchamp Peak

Apache Co.

On White Mountain Ind. Res.  Named by Woolsey for J. W. Beauchamp, one of his party killed on this mountain by Apaches in July, 1864.  Woolsey with one hundred volunteers, left Prescott  March 29, 1864.  His report to Gov. Goodwin, July 24, 1864 states:

"Mr. J. W. Beauchamp left camp to go to the top of this high round mountain.  He was waylaid and shot by six Indians who left him for dead.  He was alive when we arrived but died before reaching cap.  His body was buried at the foot of the mountain, which we named Beauchamp Peak.  The San Carlos River headed on the the northeast side of the peak."

The San Carlos heads in the Natanes mountains near Natanes peak and it was probably this peak Woolsey was describing.

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