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Beale Spring, AZ

Beale Spring

Mohave Co.

Smith Map, 1879
GLO Map 1892

A few miles northwest of Kingman.  Named for Lieut. E. F. Beale, the explorer.  Beale was a graduate midshipman and lieutenant in U. S. Nay during the Mexican war.  At its close, Beale resigned from the Navy, and became an explorer.  Most widely known for his Survey for a wagon road from Fort Smith, Ark. To the Colorado river, 185-59.  Died in 1893.  Named many places in northern Arizona.  His brother George was one of his party in these years.

"Beale's Spring did not differ from the other ranches except that possibly it was even more desolate.  A German lived there who must have had a knowledge of cookery for we bought a peach pie which we ate with relish.  I remember we paid him a big silver dollar for it."  Vanished Arizona, September, 1874.

Hinton says:  "Beale's Spring is an abandoned military post."  P.O. established by this name March 17, 1873, Benjamin H. Spear, P.M.  See Camp Beale.

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