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Battle Flat, AZ

Battle Flat

Yavapai Co.

Map, Prescott N. F., 1927.

In T. 11 N., R. 1 W.  North side Tuscumbia creek.  "Small open area a few miles east of Walnut Creek, in the Bradshaw mountains, where in May, 1861, five or six men had a fight with Indians."  Farish.

"The fight was in May, 1864, with a band of Indians.  Fred Henry, Samuel Herron, and several others were in it."  Banta. 

"Named for a battle by Steward Hall, Frank Binkley, De Morgan Scott, Samuel Herron and Fred Henry who were camped there.  They were attacked by Apaches and had a three day fight in June 1864.  Several of the men were wounded but help came and the Apaches withdrew." Fish Ms

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