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Baker Butte, AZ

Baker Butte

Coconino Co.

GLO Map, 1883; Rand-McNally 1883; Elliott, 1884, Backer.  USGS, 1923, Baker.

Elevation 8,120 feet.  In T. 12 N., R. 9 E.  On rim of basin.  Capt. John G. Bourke, Crook's Aide, told the author about 1882 this was named by Crook for an army surgeon named Baecker and should be spelled that way.  There is, however, no record o such an officer.   Smith map, 1879, has it Backer's Butte, which perhaps is the correct word.  There is a story in the upper basin to the effect that the butte was named for a man named Baker who once owned and worked a mine on this butte and had several half breed Indian sons.  Rather doubtful. 

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