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Baboquivari Mountains, AZ

Baboquivari Mountains

Pima County
USGS Map, 1923

East side Papago Indian Res. In R. 7 E.  Extends from Mexican border north to Quinlan mountain.   East side Altar valley.  Franciscan Fathers say it is a Papago word meaning "narrow in the middle."  Lumholtz adds:  "When viewed from the valley there is a well developed waist about the middle off the mountain."  Papago name is "Vav ki valik."

Harold Bell Wright in Long Ago Told calls it "Behoo-ku-vu-legi," drawn in the middle.  Papago legends say the mountain was once shaped like an hour glass but a tremendous upheaval came and the top slid off leaving only the lower part of the hour glass effect remaining.  The international boundary commission of 1891-1896, calls these the Pozo Verde mountains, after the nearby water holes.   "Because the holes were always surrounded by tall green rushes and other aquatic shrubbery." 

Emory, 1854, says the name means "Water on the mountains" from a Papago word " 'Babu'-water, and 'qui'-mountains or rock."  Decision U. S. G. B.

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