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Aztlan, AZ


Name of a proposed town at junction of Verde and Salt rivers to which Oct. 24, 1864, the first Territorial Legislature tired to move the capital from Prescott.  See La Paz and Walnut Grove. 

There was also a mining camp by this name located about 6 miles south of Prescott where in 1866 a rather primitive quartz mill was erected to handle ores from the Peck mine.

"The name is generally accepted to cover the region from which came the Aztecs or the native races in Mexico at the time of the Spanish conquest."  Said by some writers to hve been in Jalisco or Michoacan on the west coast of Mexico.

The French student and writer, Biart, says"  "It was the original country of the Aztecs."

Aztlan was the name of the first Masonic lodge in Arizona.  Opened in the upper rooms of the old log capital at Prescott, July 25, 1866.

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