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Awatobi, AZ

Awatobi (sic)

Navajo County
Gregory Map 1916
GLO, 1921

Village and canyon about 6 miles east of Keam's Canyon.  "One of the old Hopi Pueblos.  Word is Hopi and means 'High place of the Bow,' referring to the Bow People Clan.  One o the original villages of Tusayan; visited by Tobar and Cardenas in 1540; Espejo in 1583; Onate in 1598.  Seat of Franciscan Mission of San Bernardino in 1629 under Father Porras who was poisoned by the Hopi in 1633.  Pueblo was attacked and burned in Nov. 1700 by men from the neighboring pueblos who disliked the inhabitants because of their friendly feeling for the Spanish.  The walls of the old Spanish church are still standing." Hodge.

The Spanish called it "Agua-tuy-ba."  Dr. Walter Hough says in his book The Hopi:  "Here may be traced the walls of the Mission of San Bernardino de Awatobi, a large church built out of blocks of mud mixed with straw.  When I visited the site in 1892, there was nothing but a great mound of drifting sand to mark the spot where the ancient city was said to be buried. "  In 1898 the city was dug from the sands by Dr. Fewkes.  It lies at the southern end of the Jadito Mesa.  Originally the canyon it is in was called Coal Canyon, because of a small coal mine there.  Arizona officials asked to have it changed to Awatobi, which was done.  Decision U. S. G. B.; Awatubi.

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