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Aubrey Peak, AZ
Aubrey Landing, AZ

Aubrey Peak and Landing

Mohave Co.
GLO Map, 1921

Peak in T. 12 N., R. 15 W. Landing is at mouth of Bill Williams Fork.  Important early day landing place for Colorado river steamers.  250 miles above Yuma.  Named for Francois Xavier Aubrey, know as the "Skimmer of the Plains."  In 1850 he rode horseback from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Independence, Mo. On a wager of $1,000 that he could do it in eight days.  He finished in three hours less than that time, killing several horses on the ride.  He repeated the ride later in even less time."  By one account, Aubrey was killed by Indians in southwestern Colorado, August 13, 1871.  Historians agree however that he was killed at Santa Fe in a personal encounter with Major Weightman.  P.O. so named established Occt. 2, 1866.  Henry F. Lightner, P.M.

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