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Arizola, AZ


Pima Co.

Station and farming community on S. P. R. R.  26 miles east of Maricopa, established about 1892.  Was the headquarters of James Addison Reavis who claimed the best part of Maricopa and Pinal counties on alleged Spanish grant.  Called himself "Baron of the Colorados."  Lived here in almost royal state.  Landed eventually in the federal penitentiary.  McClintock's account is well worth reading.  See also Reavis.  April 2, 1931, George Mauk, U. S. Marshall for Arizona, writes:  "Arizola was established in 1892 by a man named Thomas from Carthage, Mo.  His daughter's name was Ola.  He coined the word from part of Arizona and her name.    I was the first R. R. Agent there is the spring of 1894."  P.O. established April 29, 1892.  Julia A. Fishback,, P.M.

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