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Arastra Gulch

Arastra Gulch (sic) 

Gila County

Map, Tonto N.F., 1926

"In upper Tonto basin, about three miles southwest of Payson.  So called because there were a number of arrastras operating here in early years.  Most of the early miners came from California and used the world gulch commonly.  This gulch has in recent years been called Single Standard Gulch for a mine located there a few years ago."  Letter Forest Ranger, Croxen.

An arrasta was a primitive, home-made grinding machine, or mill.  In a circular pit filled with ore a large granite rock was dragged round and round by a mule.  The abrasion gradually wore the ore down to dust.  It was a slow process and only rich ores were worked.  See Arrastra

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